Yacht brokerage

September 29, 2016

Acquisition of the supported yacht or boat — business pretty not simple, is here a set of reefs which should be avoided. Not to be disappointed in purchase and not to lose money, it is better to address the expert.

What is brokerage? Brokerage is a selection of the supported watercraft according to your budget and preferences. Asking us for the help, you with guarantee receive technically working, reliable vehicle, whether it be the boat, the yacht or a hydrocycle. In addition to it we will help to collect a necessary package of documents for purchase of the chosen option.


Cantieri di Pisa 20s


Producer: Cantieri di Pisa
Year of construction: 1990
First descent to water: 2004
Type of vessel (classification): motor yacht
Previous owners: 3
Parking lot: Cyprus, Limassol
Shell material: plastic
Length: 22 m (72,2 feet)
Cabins: 5
Engine: Detroit Diesel 1450 HPs
Capacity: 2 on 1450 pm
Drive: direct shaft
Operating time: 530 engine hours
Max. speed: 27 miles an hour
Cruiser speed: 22 miles an hour
Condition: very good
Toilets: 5 pieces
Toilet type: electro
Heating: conditioners
Price: $400,000 (including the VAT)

Sea Ray Sundancer


Producer: Sea ray Boats
Type (class): motor boat, motor yacht
Parking lot: Cyprus, Larnaca
Length: 14.4 m (47.2 feet)
Width: 4.27 m
Draft: 1.1 m
Cabins: 2
Engine: Cummins t-zeus 480 cmd Qsb
Capacity: 2 on 480 pm
Type: diesel
Condition: as new
Weight: 12600 kg
Tank for water: 380 l
Fuel tank: 1308 l
Bilge tank: 150 loborudovaniye: conditioner, generator, charger, GPS navigation, kartplotter, radio of very high frequency, radar, autopilot, sonic depth finder, compass
Deck equipment: railings, the platform for bathing, a cabin, the generator of ice, the microwave oven, a sink, the dishwashing machine, the refrigerator, the freezer, an oven, the gas stove

Price: $300,000 (including the VAT)

SeaLine sc 38


Producer: SeaLine
Type (classification): motor yacht
Year of construction: 2008
Parking lot: Cyprus, Limassol
Length: 11.2 m (37 feet)
Width: 3.8 m
Draft: 1.1 m
Cabins: 2
Engine: Cummins QSB5.9
Capacity: 2 on 355 h.p.
Operating time: 650 engine hours
Fuel tank: 567 loborudovaniye: the conditioner, the generator, the bow-thruster in a nasal part, navigation, the radar, the deck is covered with a tic, a microwave, an oven, a sink, the TV
Price: $220,000 (including the VAT)

Azimut 68 Plus


Producer: Azimut
Type (classification): motor yacht
Year of construction: 2001
Parking lot: Cyprus
Material: plastic
Length: 21.6 m (70.9 feet)
Width: 5.4 m
Draft: 1.65 m
Cabins: 4
Capacity: 2 on 1150 h.p.
Drive: direct shaft
Operating time: 1800 engine hours
Max. speed: 27 miles
Weight: 42000 kg
Price: $566,000 (including the VAT)